Magazine January 2019

2019 Parish Feast event

Parish Magazine ~ January 2019 Dear friends, It has been another good Christmas, for which we welcomed congregations of our usual increased numbers for Crib and Carol Services, and had a wonderful orchestral carol concert with readings too. As always, feedback is useful in terms of what we do in future years, although I cannot see us changing our hugely … Read More

Magazine May 2017

St Mary Magdalene Spring Fair 2017

Parish Magazine ~ May 2017 Dear Friends, As you read this, I shall be a very long way away, in the USA, beginning a period of study leave which Bishop Rob and the Diocese have kindly granted me. This becomes possible every ten years or so, in fact it is ten years since I last had a sabbatical in 2007. … Read More

Magazine March 2017

Ash Wednesday 2017

Parish Magazine ~ March 2017 Do you have a great wardrobe? Most people have a cupboard in their bedroom, with a rail and perhaps some chests of drawers too. But to a medieval king a wardrobe meant something slightly different, as it was a room close to the chamber in which they slept, in which their valuables (which included their … Read More

Magazine December 2015

2015 Christmas services

Parish Magazine ~ December 2015 One can always tell Christmas is coming when complete strangers talk to Vicars on trains. Last week I was travelling on a very busy tube train during the rush hour, and the lady against whom I was being crushed turned to me and said ‘It must be your busy time now’. ‘Yes’ I said, ‘but … Read More

Magazine May 2015

2015 May Cover Image

Parish Magazine ~ May 2015 2014 was an eventful year in the life of the parish, as the reports on fabric and other activities have shown. As always, the particular features of the year are outlined in the Annual Report which is available on the website and elsewhere. So what I say is more of a personal take, and as … Read More