Confirmation at St Paul’s Cathedral

2017 Confirmation at St Paul's Cathedral

Confirmation group at St Paul’s Cathedral Our 2017 Confirmation candidates at St Paul’s Cathedral left to right: Mo, Gordon, Dawn, Sophie and Laura.

Magazine November 2017

Parish Magazine ~ November 2017 On Tuesday 10th October all the clergy in London were summoned by the Bishops to a ‘Clergy Summit’ at Church House in Westminster. Because London is the biggest diocese, with about 6oo clergy, this grand use of the word ‘summit’, seems to be appropriate, although we weren’t actually trying to foster peace on earth and … Read More

Confirmation at St Paul’s Cathedral

St Mary Magdalene

Come and support Sophie, Laura and Dawn in their Confirmation at St Paul’s Cathedral. St Paul’s will be closing its doors to the public at 2:30 pm on this day. Arrive early to ensure you get a good seat! Please do come, all are welcome.