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St Mary Magdalene

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These dates are reserved for a St Mary Magdalene, Enfield Drama Group Production – to be confirmed. Please check back for further details.

Magazine October 2018

2018 Harvest Festival

30 The Ridgeway Here’s a little conundrum for you: The police are looking for a suspected murderer – they know his name is John, but they do not know what he looks like. But they do know where he lives. They raid the house, and find a poker game in progress, being played by a fire officer, a mechanic, a … Read More

Poetry and Prosecco

Poetry and Prosecco with David Nash Sept 8 7:30 pm

On the evening of Saturday 8 September we were treated to an evening of Poetry and Prosecco (with nibbles). David Nash joined us – accompanied by members of the St Mary Magdalene Drama Group – who entertained us with a selection of poems on a variety of topics from well known and not so well known authors. We were joined … Read More

Palm Sunday 2018

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday the Drama Group performed the Passion according to Mark. The cast of four was made up of Aniru Shyllon as Jesus, Dawn Cope as the Evangelist with other parts played by Laura Cope and Vic Harrington. Left to right Vic Harrington, Dawn Cope, Aniru Shyllon and Laura Cope.

Remembrance: Enfield and the Great War

St Mary Magdalene

Remembrance: Enfield and the Great War

As part of our continuing commemoration of the centenary of the Armistice the St Mary Magdalene Drama Group with members of Southgate Opera will be performing a selection of poetry, song and readings from the Great War particularly concentrating on the Enfield area. Tickets £10 – only available in advance: 020 8363 5516 or via Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/remembrance-enfield-and-the-great-war-tickets-50417594382 Monies raised from … Read More

Magazine August 2017

30, The Ridgeway The weekend after Easter, I went to Hull. Not the most auspicious place to start, I hear you say, but I did get to preach in the largest parish church in England. And I got to travel on Hull Trains, fifteen pounds each way. That’s the same as the usual fare to Highbury and Islington, I think. … Read More

Magazine November 2016

Advent Carols 2016

30, The Ridgeway, Do you ever wish you had more faith? I’m sure most of us do, certainly at times. When the going gets tough, our faith seems not enough. And we may feel roughed-up spiritually, when we watch the plight of those children in Calais, or read about some terrible crime locally, or indeed, when something deep and personal … Read More

Magazine October 2016

Barn Dance 2016

Wren Academy at Enfield A number of sites in western Enfield have been considered by EFA as possible locations for the school, including all those suggested by local residents through the consultation process or suggested by LDBS. We are hopeful that the process will be complete by late Autumn 2016 and we might be able to announce the permanent site … Read More

Magazine May 2016

Spring Fair 2016

Dear Friends, 2015 was in many senses a sad year for our parish family. We all know that, so I’ll start with it. Early in the year we buried Stan Mabey’s ashes, and then in April we had the first of several funerals of those from among our midst: Ian le Geyt. Then, soon after Easter we lost Dick Shone: … Read More

Magazine April 2016

Confirmation with Bishop Rob Wickham

Dear friends, We are Easter people and Alleluia is our song… We have walked the walk and talked the talk, we have sung the songs and prayed the prayers and at least attempted to keep the Lenten Faith. I don’t know whether your 46 days of Lent were 46 days of work or play – but what they certainly could … Read More

Magazine October 2015

The Vicarage, 30, The Ridgeway This month, on October 3rd, we welcome the Grand Priory of England and The Priory of Wales of The Order of The Knights Templar to St Mary Magdalene’s for a Service of Investiture of knights and a celebration of the signing of Magana Carta 800 years ago. The Supreme Military Order of The Temple of … Read More

Drama Group’s Macbeth

A couple of weeks ago we had a triumphant performance of Handel’s Messiah – one of the greatest works of music ever written, and a great joy to hear it under our roof. And then, hot on its heels came another amazing achievement directed by Rachel Moon as the Drama Group presented Macbeth – one of the greatest plays ever … Read More