Testing the waters of faith

Testing the waters of faith Matthew 14.22-33 Testing the waters of faith. Amen. As the lockdown is beginning to open up, many of us are beginning to test the water. No longer just to buy food, but to venture into garden centres, DIY stores or to come to church and quietly sit and pray. We are beginning to exercise confidence, … Read More

Palm Sunday 2020

Palm Sunday 2020 In order to slow down the infection rate, churches are closed and clergy told to stay away. The last time this happened was in 1208 when King John refused to accept Pope Innocent’s Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton. So the pope put England under an ‘interdict’ which endured between March 1208 and May 1213, thereby preventing the … Read More

Vicar’s Blog February 2019

Vicar’s Blog ~ February 2019 Dear Friends, As well as telling us how many days to next Sunday there are, or what date to write at the top of the page, our calendars remind us of which secular, religious or family festival is approaching. As we near someone’s birthday or wedding anniversary, we think of them, perhaps pray for them, … Read More