All Souls 2019 ~ Marking the end

All Souls 2019 ~ Marking the end Revelation 20:11-12; 21:1-8 When someone dies, one of the many realities that strike at the soul is the paperwork that is issued by civic authorities – the death certificate. It is a stark document, perfunctory and precise, stating simply that someone has died and that it is now official. It is also a … Read More

Ron Carr RIP

Ron was one the first people I met when I came here in January 2003. Actually I met him before that, not here, but in the Vicarage. For Ron was one of a handful of people who responded to the plea for all hands to the deck to help decorate the Vicarage before we actually moved in. Now, my family … Read More

Les Fish RIP

Les and Jackie Fish

Eulogy given by The Rev’d Dr Gordon Giles at Les Fish’s Funeral on Friday 12th February 2016 On this day we gather with many emotions as we give thanks for a man we loved, a man we debated with, a man of great care, pastoral sensitivity, and indeed of humour. Which is why I want to begin with a funny … Read More

Norman Gillibrand RIP

We all thought Norman was invincible, didn’t we? Driving his car around Windmill Hill, always around, and even if out of sight recently, certainly not out of mind. Always the gentleman of Waverley Road, with a heart for others and a love of music and sport, it’s hard to believe that, as St Paul puts it, now his time has … Read More

Ray Barker RIP

Ray Barker

Ray Barker RIP ‘All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well’. This saying is one of the most famous of those written down by Mother Julian of Norwich, a fourteenth century nun credited with being the first woman whose writings were published in English. The Church of England commemorates her feast day tomorrow. But these are … Read More

Richard Shone RIP

Richard Shone 02

Dick – Living on… It’s very hard to know where to begin in talking about Richard – or Dick – as some of us were allowed to call him. And yet, starting is the easy bit compared to stopping! For one might say that there is so much to say – so many memories, so much to say about his … Read More

Ian Le Geyt RIP

Ian Le Geyt RIP This service has a sort of 60s musical feel do it, doesn’t it? Ian was a great musician, a guitarist – and the photos in the service sheet remind us of that. So we began with Leona Lewis’ ‘Footprints in the Sand’, and then we sang ‘Morning Has Broken’, which you might remember was sung by … Read More

Sybil’s Funeral

The Funeral of Mrs Sybil Clutton, Churchwarden Emeritus, took place at St Mary Magdalene’s on Friday 20th January 2012 at 11.30am. Sybil Clutton RIP Her name, Sybil, means ‘prophetess’, and she rightly predicted – but only just – that she would not live to a hundred. And it has to be admitted that this is a day that we have … Read More

Mike Buck’s Funeral

I have only had the good fortune to know Michael for the last nine years, so I am grateful – as I’m sure you are – to Bob, for that lovely tribute, and to the many people who contributed to it and put it together. And of course, as we all know, such a tribute – fitting and loving as … Read More