Magazine June 2019

Parish Tea Dance poster

Dear Friends, There isn’t much room for me in this month’s packed magazine! I don’t mind – as the American Composer John Cage once said, ‘I have nothing to say and I am saying it’! To be serious, we congratulate and welcome Annaliese Fenwick on her election as new Churchwarden and, for the second time and thank Alison Reeve for … Read More

Magazine October 2018

2018 Harvest Festival

30 The Ridgeway Here’s a little conundrum for you: The police are looking for a suspected murderer – they know his name is John, but they do not know what he looks like. But they do know where he lives. They raid the house, and find a poker game in progress, being played by a fire officer, a mechanic, a … Read More

Magazine September 2018

Parish Concert

30, The Ridgeway It’s five years now since Archbishop Justin Welby declared what the press decided to call the ‘war on Wonga’. You probably remember – Wonga were in the habit of advertising short-term unsecured loans with their 2 little old people saying in their cartoony way that this was the solution to all their problems. Ironic that they were … Read More

Magazine May 2018

APCM Vicar’s report – 29/4/18 Dear Friends, This time last year I had left for the United States on my study leave, and I managed to be a very long way away from the APCM! You managed admirably without me, and indeed, assisted by Jackie and Mo, the whole three months of my absence was looked after very well indeed. … Read More

Magazine April 2018

2018 bingo with fish and chips

30, The Ridgeway It’s not every year that the magazine is published on Easter Day. And certainly not every year that the first Sunday of April is not only Easter Day but April 1st, All Fools’ Day! In fact that hasn’t happened since 1327*. That was the year Elizabeth de Burgh died. She was the wife – Queen – of … Read More

Magazine March 2018

30 The Ridgeway, Dear Friends, This year we began Lent on St Valentine’s Day, and will end it on April Fools’ Day, and we have not had a year like this since 1945! It means we began the season with a secular focus on love and will end it on foolishness. Both of these lie at the heart of our … Read More

Magazine November 2017

30 The Ridgeway, On Tuesday 10th October all the clergy in London were summoned by the Bishops to a ‘Clergy Summit’ at Church House in Westminster. Because London is the biggest diocese, with about 6oo clergy, this grand use of the word ‘summit’, seems to be appropriate, although we weren’t actually trying to foster peace on earth and bring goodwill … Read More

Magazine September 2017

St Mary Magdalene Drama Group presents Murder in the Cathedral

Dear friends, You may well have heard by now that the Rev’d Barry Oakley, sometime Vicar of All Saints’ Edmonton, and a great supporter, member and retired assistant priest to this parish, died on Saturday 12th August. We send our love to Margaret and Jenny and Chris, and remember Barry with gratitude and great affection. The Prayer and Care group … Read More

Magazine August 2017

30, The Ridgeway The weekend after Easter, I went to Hull. Not the most auspicious place to start, I hear you say, but I did get to preach in the largest parish church in England. And I got to travel on Hull Trains, fifteen pounds each way. That’s the same as the usual fare to Highbury and Islington, I think. … Read More

Magazine July 2017

Parish barbecue

Dear friends, So many of you have asked about our recent holiday in the North of Cyprus I thought it would be a good idea to share some of our experience with you here. Little did we realise when our daughter Miranda married a young Turkish Cypriot man, that we would be incorporated, not only into his family, but also … Read More

Magazine May 2017

St Mary Magdalene Spring Fair 2017

30, The Ridgeway, Dear Friends, Last year, in 2016, we looked back on what had been a rather sad 2015, in which we lost some dear friends from our fellowship. This year too, and remembering that we are considering the calendar year 2016, we look back in sorrow at the passing of Les Fish and Ron Carr, and we continue … Read More

Magazine April 2017

Easter Services 2017

30, The Ridgeway, You have probably noticed that the penalties for using a mobile phone while driving have recently been increased to a £200 fine and 6 penalty points on the driving licence, doubling the earlier punishment. There has also been a radio campaign. After explaining the new law, the speaker declares how tempting it is to use one’s phone … Read More

Magazine February 2017

Bingo night with Fish and Chips

30, The Ridgeway, For the first time in quite a while, Lent does not start in February. So we have a ‘green’ month – liturgical green at least, and a good period of time to draw breath between the Christmas season and the coming penitential season. ‘Lent’ actually means ‘Spring’, and this coming year it really will be high Spring … Read More

Magazine December 2016

Christmas Services 2016

30, The Ridgeway, Dear friends, You may have noticed that we have increased the cover price of the magazine, for the first time this Millennium… I’m sure everyone understands that twenty pence isn’t what it used to be, and with those funny edges on the small coin that it is, it’s doesn’t roll as far as it used to! We … Read More

Magazine November 2016

Advent Carols 2016

30, The Ridgeway, Do you ever wish you had more faith? I’m sure most of us do, certainly at times. When the going gets tough, our faith seems not enough. And we may feel roughed-up spiritually, when we watch the plight of those children in Calais, or read about some terrible crime locally, or indeed, when something deep and personal … Read More

Magazine October 2016

Barn Dance 2016

Wren Academy at Enfield A number of sites in western Enfield have been considered by EFA as possible locations for the school, including all those suggested by local residents through the consultation process or suggested by LDBS. We are hopeful that the process will be complete by late Autumn 2016 and we might be able to announce the permanent site … Read More

Magazine August 2016

Launde Abbey

30, The Ridgeway, Dear Friends, The Greek philosopher Aristotle helped us to understand, over 2000 years ago, that courage is not the opposite of cowardice; that ugliness is not the opposite of beauty; that hate is not the opposite of love. We may think it natural to suppose that these pairs are opposites, but they are not. The opposite of … Read More

Magazine October 2015

The Vicarage, 30, The Ridgeway This month, on October 3rd, we welcome the Grand Priory of England and The Priory of Wales of The Order of The Knights Templar to St Mary Magdalene’s for a Service of Investiture of knights and a celebration of the signing of Magana Carta 800 years ago. The Supreme Military Order of The Temple of … Read More

Magazine September 2015

2015 September Cover Image

The Vicarage, 30, The Ridgeway We had a fantastic trip to the Holy Land! Photos can be found here. Flying from Luton (a new and not unpleasant experience), we spent Monday 17th travelling, arriving on time and in time for an evening buffet supper. This time of year is quiet in the Holy Land, and we found we were the … Read More

Magazine May 2015

2015 May Cover Image

2014 was an eventful year in the life of the parish, as the reports on fabric and other activities have shown. As always, the particular features of the year are outlined in the Annual Report which is available on the website and elsewhere. So what I say is more of a personal take, and as always, we need to remind … Read More