Magazine December 2015

2015 Christmas services

Parish Magazine ~ December 2015 One can always tell Christmas is coming when complete strangers talk to Vicars on trains. Last week I was travelling on a very busy tube train during the rush hour, and the lady against whom I was being crushed turned to me and said ‘It must be your busy time now’. ‘Yes’ I said, ‘but … Read More

Magazine July 2015

2015 July Cover Image

Parish Magazine ~ July 2015 A couple of weeks ago we had a triumphant performance of Handel’s Messiah – one of the greatest works of music ever written, and a great joy to hear it under our roof. And then, hot on its heels came another amazing achievement directed by Rachel Moon as the Drama Group presented Macbeth – one … Read More

Magazine March 2015

2015 March cover image

Parish Magazine ~ March 2015 Dear Friends,There are what I call the 3Rs of Lent. Rather than reading, writing and arithmetic – I propose regret, repentance and resolution. These are three Lenten Rs. And these three Rs might help us to navigate through the foggy shades of grey that immerse our world in the dense mist of moral ambiguity which … Read More