Is the Messiah a priest or king, and whose son is he?

Is the Messiah a priest or king, and whose son is he? Matthew 22.34–46 So near and so far, it was almost touching distance, only twenty nine thousanths of a second and he would have won the formula one race. I am amazed in sport at just how small the difference is between winning and coming second. But that is … Read More

Trinity 2: If you thought…

Trinity 2 ~ If you thought it was going to be easy, think again. Matthew 10:24-39 It’s human nature, we like to cherry pick the Scriptures that are easy to read and resonate with us because they have brought us comfort; they have remained with us through the ups and downs of life. But there are other Scriptures that are … Read More

Trinity 2 ~ Follow Me!

The Rev’d Mo Lunn Sorry there is no audio for this sermon Follow Me! Luke 9.51-62 May I speak in the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. Who was the first person on twitter to get twenty million followers? It was Lady Ga Ga. And who has the largest following on Face Book? With 123 million followers, … Read More

Transfiguration and Time Warps

Transfiguration and Time Warps – 1 before Lent One of last Christmas’ bestsellers was the posthumously published book of Professor Stephen Hawking’s final thoughts on various matters. Stephen Hawking was undoubtedly one of the greatest – and most famous – and most distinctive – of scientists of our age, and his books sell very well. How many people get through … Read More

Why do people go to church?

Why do people go to church? Is it because it’s their Tradition, is it for the Eucharist? Is it the Music? Is it to hear the Word? Is it to learn more about God? Is it to worship God with the family of God? Is it the Sermon? Is it meeting together as the Body of Christ? Is it to … Read More