Advent 3: He grew up strong in spirit…

2020-12-13 Nikola_from_1294

He grew up strong in spirit… A gift for Zechariah and Elizabeth in their old age. John the Baptist, who’s candle we light today was a prophet, perhaps the greatest of them all. John encouraged all those who came to hear his message, that the Messiah was coming soon. He used scripture to announce the greatest gift the world would … Read More

Dances of Life and Death

Trinity 7 2018 ~ Dances of Life and Death If you go to Jerusalem you can visit what many people call the ‘Wailing Wall’. It’s what remains of the Temple that Jesus knew and which the Romans destroyed in 70AD. The piazza at its base is still a synagogue, and many Jews go there on a Friday evening to celebrate … Read More

2nd Sunday after Epiphany

The Second Sunday after Epiphany 2017 ~ John 1.29-42Have you seen the film ‘Flushed Away’?Released in 2006, it’s about a mouse called Roddy who lives in a posh London flat, unknown to the owners of course. One day a rat called Sid emerges through the sewers, and after a skirmish the rat flushes the mouse down the toilet. Consequently, Roddy … Read More

Advent 3 ~ Mandela

Advent 3 ~ St Mandela the BaptistOur news has been full – perhaps overfull – this week with retrospective comment upon, celebration of and even veneration of Nelson Mandela. One news journalist I saw even went to describe him as something of a secular saint. I’m not sure what a secular saint is – or even if it is possible … Read More

The Birth of John the Baptist

The Birth of John the BaptistI wonder if you’re enjoying the summer? ‘Summer’ I hear you say, ‘what summer?!’ Well, today is Midsummer Day, according to mediaeval tradition. Today, the Feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist, is seen as the midpoint of the year, the midsummer feast. Well I suppose we can hope for more sunshine in … Read More