Magazine February 2020

2020 Ash Wednesday magazine

Parish Magazine ~ February 2020 Lent 2020 How do we belong to God and with Jesus? This year’s Lent Book is by David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, who writes: ‘Again and again, as I have sought to look into both the scriptures and my own life, I have heard in the silence the one who assures me, ever more strongly, … Read More

Magazine March 2109

Parish Games Evening

Parish Magazine ~ March 2019 Dear Friends, It is the time of year again, but this time in a year that only comes around every six years, when we revise and reconstitute the Electoral Roll of the Parish. From what follows, dug up by Joy Heywood from the Parish Archives, you’ll see that this is the centenary of our Electoral … Read More

Magazine March 2018

Parish Magazine ~ March 2018 Dear Friends, This year we began Lent on St Valentine’s Day, and will end it on April Fools’ Day, and we have not had a year like this since 1945! It means we began the season with a secular focus on love and will end it on foolishness. Both of these lie at the heart … Read More

Magazine February 2018

2018 Ash Wednesday

Parish Magazine ~ February 2018 Dear Friends,This year, Ash Wednesday falls on St Valentine’s Day in the middle of Half Term, and Easter Day is April Fool’s Day. I didn’t vote for either of those! The dating of Easter (and thereby of everything that relates to it, in Lent, and afterwards at Ascension and Pentecost), hinges on the phases of … Read More

Magazine March 2016

Easter services 2016

Parish Magazine ~ March 2016 We are very sorry to hear of the death of Ron Carr.His funeral will be in church at 12:30 am on Thursday 3rd March. Dear friends, During this time of Lent, I would like to share some thoughts with you about our Lord’s preparation for his journey to Jerusalem and to the cross of Salvation… … Read More

Magazine February 2016

Parish Magazine ~ February 2016 It is with great sadness that we heard of the death of Les Fish on January 22nd. Heartfelt prayers and condolences go to Jackie in her and our loss. Les’ funeral will be in church at 11:00 am on Friday 12th February. Dear friends, When we think about the Creation of the Universe, banged into … Read More