The God of Abraham Praise

Angels at Mamre, Trinity by Rublev Lent 2 2020 ~ The God of Abraham Praise Genesis 12.1–4a; Romans 4.1–5,13–17; John 3.1–17 On the wall behind me, in the inset by the window are two figures, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. We often forget that they are there, because we think of our artworks as portraying the angels on one side … Read More

Trinity and Jubilee Sunday 2012

Trinity and Jubilee Sunday 2012Isaiah 6.1-8; John 3.1-17Inside the window frame of our lovely Butterfield East Window, are some images painted by William Buckeridge and his titanic colleagues, of Nicodemus. Opposite him, as it were, in the right hand inset is Joseph of Arimathea. They are there as sort of saints of the Resurrection, often forgotten. Nicodemus came by night … Read More