Easter 6 2020 ~ The Rainbow

Domenico Morelli Noah’s Dankgebet (Thanksgiving) The Rainbow Genesis 8.20-9.17 Have you joined the new religion? I don’t mean the online worship, streaming services, virtual choirs and orchestras and WhatsApp contact groups. I expect many of you have done that and a good thing too. This is the old religion, done anew. It’s all very creative and exciting (to some), and … Read More

Easter 4 2020 ~ Noah in Lockdown

Noahs Ark on Mount Ararat by Simon de Myle Easter 4 2020 ~ Noah in Lockdown There could not be a better text for today, the fortieth day of our lock down, than the story of Noah’s Ark. It resonates deeply with our current predicament. Despite the suffering we hear about constantly, the dying and grieving, the predictions and prognostications, … Read More