Palm Sunday 2020

Palm Sunday 2020 In order to slow down the infection rate, churches are closed and clergy told to stay away. The last time this happened was in 1208 when King John refused to accept Pope Innocent’s Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton. So the pope put England under an ‘interdict’ which endured between March 1208 and May 1213, thereby preventing the … Read More

Palm Sunday 2019

Palm Sunday

We began the Palm Sunday service by meeting in the Hall where we were each given palm leaves and palm crosses to carry, in procession, around the church to the West door and so into Church. This year we were joined by members of the Grand Priory of England and The Priory of Wales of The Order of The Knights … Read More

Palm Sunday 2018

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday the Drama Group performed the Passion according to Mark. The cast of four was made up of Aniru Shyllon as Jesus, Dawn Cope as the Evangelist with other parts played by Laura Cope and Vic Harrington. Left to right Vic Harrington, Dawn Cope, Aniru Shyllon and Laura Cope.

Palm Sunday Drama 2017

Palm Sunday ~ Drama Group PresentationThe Drama Group presentation for Palm Sunday 2017, a dramatised reading of the Passion of Jesus Christ, at St Mary Magdalene Church, Enfield. Cast Jesus~Aniru Shyllon Satan/Pilate~Laura Cope Judas~Colin Gibbens Peter~Mike Dixon John~Vic Harrington Soldier~Jackie Nugent Soldier~Alison Reeve Evangelist~Janet Rossiter Maid/Mary Magdalene~Pam Hagan Caiaphas/Pilate’s Wife/ Mary, mother of Jesus~Rachel Moon Priests/Witnesses/Bystanders~Cristyn Williams