Lent 5: Not for after dinner conversation?

We all know there are three things that cannot be talked about. You know them, don’t you? Religion, sex, and politics. But have we got it wrong? We do talk about those things. We just do it really badly. There is, however, something we don’t talk about. Death. Yes, we acknowledge death when it happens but for the most part we don’t talk about death with any real depth or substance, and certainly no enthusiasm. We don’t deal with it. We deny it. We ignore it. We avoid it. No one wants to die.

Passion Sunday 2018

Passion Sunday 2018I wonder if you recognise this quotation:“They know and do not know what it is to act or suffer. They know and do not know that action is suffering, and suffering is action. Neither does the agent suffer nor the patient act. But both are fixed in an eternal action, an eternal patience to which all must consent … Read More

Cross words of Love

Passion Sunday ~ Cross words of LoveWhat does the phrase: “Sign of growth”, mean to you? An image of a plant – or perhaps even something positive one might say about the election of a new pope from South America, or even a new Archbishop of Canterbury from a business background. Both will be enthroned within 2 days of each … Read More