Easter 7 “Wait,” “stay here,” “don’t leave,”

“Wait,” “stay here,” “don’t leave,” Jesus gave the disciples these instructions: “wait,” “stay here,” “don’t leave”. Jesus had ascended, gone to be with his Father. The disciples were left in the middle of this incredible gap. They had witnessed the death of their beloved friend and teacher; experienced the death of all their hopes and dreams. Only to be astonished … Read More

Trinity 18 2019 ~ John Henry Newman

Trinity 18 2019 – A new man of prayer for our online age 2 Tim 3:14-4:5 – Luke 18:1-8 How do you pray? – How do you pray? According to an official Church of England press release this week, Church of England prayer apps were used more than five million times over the last year as a record number of people … Read More

“Lord, teach us to pray”

The Rev’d Mo Lunn Sorry there is no audio for this sermon “Lord, teach us to pray” Luke 11:1-13 “Lord, teach us to pray” Words from the Holy Gospel according to Luke. Amen. Prayer is not only at the heart of the Christian life; it is also at the heart of a lot of Christian frustration, misunderstanding, and even pain. … Read More

Never Give Up On Prayer

Trinity 21 2016 ~ Never give up on prayer – Luke 18.1-8On Thursday evening, Maria and Jessica and I, and her parents, went to the Temple Church in the City to see her Called to the Bar. Congratulations to Jessica on this major achievement, which means she is now a barrister, rather than any old common or garden lawyer. Sadly … Read More

Praying daily for spiritual bread

Trinity 9 ~ Praying daily for spiritual bread It’s been a busy week – a lot has happened. Last Sunday we welcomed Archdeacon Luke and we celebrated the festival of St Mary Magdalene. Choristers got their awards, communion assistants got their licenses and Jameson got the FA cup – well sort of. In the evening we celebrated the eve of … Read More