Quiz, Fizz and Pizza evening 2019


In spite of the weather everyone who had booked a place managed to turn up and enjoy the fizz, pizza and the fun quiz prepared by Elise, ably assisted by Bella and friend. The questions were a great mixture and just right – what a fabulous evening we had! Thank you Elise for being our quiz-master for the evening and … Read More

Magazine October 2018

2018 Harvest Festival

Parish Magazine ~ October 2018 Here’s a little conundrum for you: The police are looking for a suspected murderer – they know his name is John, but they do not know what he looks like. But they do know where he lives. They raid the house, and find a poker game in progress, being played by a fire officer, a … Read More

Quiz, Fizz and Pizza!

St Mary Magdalene

2019 quiz night

Make up a table of eight for the quiz night. Don’t forget, the Joker Round is worth double points! An evening of fun with not a little head scratching!

Magazine November 2017

Parish Magazine ~ November 2017 On Tuesday 10th October all the clergy in London were summoned by the Bishops to a ‘Clergy Summit’ at Church House in Westminster. Because London is the biggest diocese, with about 6oo clergy, this grand use of the word ‘summit’, seems to be appropriate, although we weren’t actually trying to foster peace on earth and … Read More

Magazine October 2017

Parish Magazine ~ October 2017 Dear friends, When we hear that around 50% of the population say they do not believe in God, we should not dismiss it as lies, or mere statistics. But perspective is useful. Can you think of any other belief, activity, philosophy, or pastime that more than 50% of the population engage in? Football: 502,000 people … Read More