Christmas Toy Service

St Mary Magdalene

Family Toy Service

Our Christmas Toy Service is an opportunity to give a wrapped gift (or gifts) to an Enfield child (or children) who might otherwise have no present to open on Christmas morning. We ask that you add a tag to the wrapped gift marked with whether the gift is suitable for a boy, girl or unisex and the age range it … Read More

Trinity Sunday

St Mary Magdalene

Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday is the first Sunday after Pentecost in the Western Christian liturgical calendar, and the Sunday of Pentecost in Eastern Christianity. Trinity Sunday celebrates the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the three Persons of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


St Mary Magdalene

Pentecost Service

Join us at St Mary Magdalene this Pentecost to celebrate the birth of the Church. The Christian holiday of Pentecost, which is celebrated on the seventh Sunday (49 days) after Easter, commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks, as described in … Read More

Choral Evensong at Rochester Cathedral

St Mary Magdalene

Rochester Cathedral event

For this special occasion we will be traveling to Rochester Cathedral where the choir and friends will lead Choral Evensong. All are welcome to come along to take part in the service and support the choir. The church is the cathedral of the Diocese of Rochester in the Church of England and the seat (cathedra) of the Bishop of Rochester, … Read More

Christmas Communion

St Mary Magdalene

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we meet together to celebrate Jesus Christ’s miraculous birth with Holy Communion.

Candlelit Midnight Communion Cancelled this year

St Mary Magdalene

Christmas Eve

A candlelit service that heralds the beginning of Christmas In many Western Christian traditions (especially Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist and Roman Catholic), Midnight Mass is the first liturgy of Christmastide that is celebrated on the night of Christmas Eve, traditionally beginning at midnight when Christmas Eve gives way to Christmas Day. This popular Christmas custom is a jubilant celebration of the … Read More

Crib and Christingle Service 2 Cancelled this year

St Mary Magdalene

Christingle orange

The Crib and Christingle Service has proved so popular that we need to have two to accommodate all the visitors! This second service is from 4:30pm-5:30pm. A Christingle is a symbolic object used in the Advent services of many Christian denominations. Christingle means ‘Christ Light’ and is used to celebrate Jesus Christ as the “Light of the World”. Used primarily … Read More

Crib and Christingle Service 1 Cancelled this year

St Mary Magdalene


The Crib and Christingle Service has proved so popular that we need to have two to accommodate all the visitors! This first service is from 3:00pm-4:00pm. A Christingle is a symbolic object used in the Advent services of many Christian denominations. Christingle means ‘Christ Light’ and is used to celebrate Jesus Christ as the “Light of the World”. Used primarily … Read More

Christmas at Springview

St Mary Magdalene


Our annual Christmas Carols with readings for the elderly in Springview Residential Care Home.

Nine Lessons and Carols CANCELLED this year

St Mary Magdalene

Nine Lessons and Carols

The traditional ‘Carol Service’ of Nine ‘Lessons’ or readings from the Bible with Anthems by the choir and well known carols for the congregation to sing. The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is a service of Christian worship celebrating the birth of Jesus that is traditionally followed at Christmas. The Bishop of Truro, Edward White Benson, formalised a service … Read More

Advent Carols

St Mary Magdalene

Advent Carols Service

The Advent Carol Service marks the start of the Advent Season which leads into Christmas with a candlelit church in which Advent carols are sung and the choir sing a number of Advent Anthems. This is not to be confused with our traditional Christmas, Nine Lessons and Carols Service closer to Christmas. Advent is a season observed in many Christian … Read More

Remembrance Sunday

St Mary Magdalene


We have a special service that includes our scout pack and pauses at 11:00 am to remember those who have fallen in both past and present conflicts. This year, 2018, is a special occasion as we mark the 100th anniversary of The Armistice. To commemorate this event we have a special exhibition and our Drama Group is presenting Remembrance: Enfield … Read More

All Souls’ Service

St Mary Magdalene

All Souls' Service

We come together in church where the names of departed loved ones and those in our Memorial Book are read out. When their name is read out we go forward and light a candle in their memory. Some churches, including the Catholic Church, hold special services with music and prayers focused on All Souls’ Day on or around November 2 … Read More

Patronal Festival

St Mary Magdalene

St Mary Magdalene icon

Our Patron Saint, St Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day is 22 July, which falls on a Tuesday in 2020. On Sunday 20, we are following the Patronal Festival online. Mary Magdalene is considered to be a saint by the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches—with a feast day of July 22. Other Protestant churches honor her as a heroine of … Read More

Evensong with APCM

St Mary Magdalene

Choral Evensong and Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Evensong which is followed by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting where we have the opportunity to hear reports from PCC members on various church matters. Evening Prayer is a liturgy in use in the Anglican tradition celebrated in the late afternoon or evening. It is also commonly known as Evensong, especially when the office is rendered chorally, that is, when … Read More

Easter Sunday Holy Communion

St Mary Magdalene


We celebrate the Resurrection and Easter Sunday together with Holy Communion. Easter, also called Pascha (Greek, Latin) or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD. It … Read More

Easter Saturday Vigil

St Mary Magdalene

Easter Vigil

We gather outside our church where the Vicar lights the Paschal Candle from an open fire burning just outside, then pass this light from candle to candle until all are lit. We enter the church, which is in darkness except for our candlelight, and begin the celebration of the dawn of Easter Day and Resurrection. Easter Vigil, also called the … Read More

Good Friday Liturgy

St Mary Magdalene

Good Friday

The Good Friday Liturgy dates back to the times of the early church and commemorates the burial of Jesus in the tomb by Joseph of Arimathea who was, according to all four canonical Gospels, the man who assumed responsibility for the burial of Jesus after Jesus’ crucifixion. Good Friday is a very important day for all Christians. On Good Friday, … Read More

Maundy Thursday

St Mary Magdalene

Maundy Thursday - Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Last Supper'

Maundy Thursday Holy Communion and Vigil. After Holy Communion we gather in The Lady Chapel to meditate upon Gospel passages related to Jesus’ Last Supper and Vigil in the Garden of Gethsemane. We leave in silence with our thoughts. Maundy Thursday Maundy Thursday (also known as Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday, Sheer Thursday, and Thursday of Mysteries, … Read More

Agape Supper

St Mary Magdalene

Agape Supper

As part of our Holy Week events leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday we come together to share in a simple meal that includes a celebration of Holy Communion which forms an integral part of the meal. The term Agape or Love feast was used for certain religious meals among early Christians that seem to have been originally … Read More