Magazine June 2019

Parish Tea Dance poster

Parish Magazine ~ June 2019 Dear Friends, There isn’t much room for me in this month’s packed magazine! I don’t mind – as the American Composer John Cage once said, ‘I have nothing to say and I am saying it’! To be serious, we congratulate and welcome Annaliese Fenwick on her election as new Churchwarden and, for the second time … Read More

Sponsored Bible reading

Sponsored Bible reading event slider

We read 7 books – Mark, Lamentations, Daniel, Joel, Ezra, Song of Songs and Revelation – which is a total of 75 chapters and asked people to read at least one chapter and find sponsors for doing it. We started at 10 o’clock and finished around 6:00pm. Coffee and tea were served in church throughout the day and included a … Read More

Magazine March 2109

Parish Games Evening

Parish Magazine ~ March 2019 Dear Friends, It is the time of year again, but this time in a year that only comes around every six years, when we revise and reconstitute the Electoral Roll of the Parish. From what follows, dug up by Joy Heywood from the Parish Archives, you’ll see that this is the centenary of our Electoral … Read More

Sponsored Bible Reading

St Mary Magdalene

Sponsored Bible Reading event

A sponsored event for all ages and abilities. Be sponsored to read a short passage from the Bible this Lent. We are going to read 7 books – Mark, Lamentations, Daniel, Joel, Ezra, Song of Songs and Revelation – which is a total of 75 chapters and we will be asking people to read at least one chapter and find … Read More

Magazine July 2018

Parish Magazine ~ July 2018 As the NHS celebrates its 70th birthday, most of us have no conception of what life without penicillin, surgery and medicine would be like. Clearly it would be painful and short, especially at the end. Similarly, even only a few centuries ago people could not have conceived of our world of hospitals, surgery and chemotherapy. … Read More

Magazine December 2017

Parish Magazine ~ December 2017 Dear Friends,Apparently, on Christmas Day the average Briton consumes 7000 calories, and over the Christmas period gains about 8 pounds in weight. This means that the average Briton gains the weight of a baby over the Christmas period. Over Christmas, we can consume, and gain, the mass of Jesus. At this time of year we … Read More

Magazine October 2017

Parish Magazine ~ October 2017 Dear friends, When we hear that around 50% of the population say they do not believe in God, we should not dismiss it as lies, or mere statistics. But perspective is useful. Can you think of any other belief, activity, philosophy, or pastime that more than 50% of the population engage in? Football: 502,000 people … Read More

Sponsored Event

2017 sponsored event

This year’s sponsored event for the Organ Fund included a sponsored knit, a sponsored putt and a café. We were treated to live music in the form of the Old School Assembly, a local Jazz band. Below are a few photos from the day and the final knitted blankets.

Magazine September 2017

St Mary Magdalene Drama Group presents Murder in the Cathedral

Parish Magazine ~ September 2017 Dear friends, You may well have heard by now that the Rev’d Barry Oakley, sometime Vicar of All Saints’ Edmonton, and a great supporter, member and retired assistant priest to this parish, died on Saturday 12th August. We send our love to Margaret and Jenny and Chris, and remember Barry with gratitude and great affection. … Read More

Magazine August 2017

Parish Magazine ~ August 2017 The weekend after Easter, I went to Hull. Not the most auspicious place to start, I hear you say, but I did get to preach in the largest parish church in England. And I got to travel on Hull Trains, fifteen pounds each way. That’s the same as the usual fare to Highbury and Islington, … Read More

London Bridges Sponsored Walk

London Bridges Sponsored Walk

This group of intrepid explorers walked across 7 London bridges from Lambeth Bridge and ended up at St Paul’s in time for for evensong, all in aid of the St Mary Magdalene Organ Fund.