Magazine June 2019

Parish Tea Dance poster

Parish Magazine ~ June 2019 Dear Friends, There isn’t much room for me in this month’s packed magazine! I don’t mind – as the American Composer John Cage once said, ‘I have nothing to say and I am saying it’! To be serious, we congratulate and welcome Annaliese Fenwick on her election as new Churchwarden and, for the second time … Read More

Magazine May 2019

2019 Spring Fair slider

Parish Magazine ~ May 2019 Dear friends, Happy Easter! You will know that we have been spending time and money on the organ, and while we had hoped it would be ready for Easter Day, it wasn’t quite ready, but it very soon will be. The weekend of 18/19 May will be the time to celebrate its inauguration, and we … Read More

Magazine May 2018

Parish Magazine ~ May 2018 APCM Vicar’s report – 29/4/18Dear Friends,This time last year I had left for the United States on my study leave, and I managed to be a very long way away from the APCM! You managed admirably without me, and indeed, assisted by Jackie and Mo, the whole three months of my absence was looked after … Read More

Magazine April 2018

2018 bingo with fish and chips

Parish Magazine ~ April 2018 It’s not every year that the magazine is published on Easter Day. And certainly not every year that the first Sunday of April is not only Easter Day but April 1st, All Fools’ Day! In fact that hasn’t happened since 1327*. That was the year Elizabeth de Burgh died. She was the wife – Queen … Read More

Spring Fair

St Mary Magdalene

2019 Spring Fair slider

A fun time of games for the children (and not so-young!), jewellery, cakes and plants to buy plus a café to sip a drink whilst you eat a delicious cake. All money raised goes to our Organ Fund.

May Spring Fair 2017

2017 Spring Fair

Our annual Spring Fair will be held on Saturday 20 May, from 10:00 am. We have a wide selection of plants, cakes and jewellery along with games to play and a café to relax with a cup of coffee, and something to eat.

Magazine June 2016

Her Magesty the Queen's 90th birthday celebration

Parish Magazine ~ June 2016 Dear Friends, I sometimes joke that we love democracy at St Mary Magdalene’s… This is not so much a political statement as a financial and community one… We love to welcome so many from our neighbourhood to the hall to exercise their democratic right and cast their vote, and of course we do get a … Read More

May Spring Fair

2016 Spring Fair

Spring Fair Although the weather was disappointing and we were unable to go outside, apart from the brave plant sellers of course, I hope the Spring Fair was enjoyed by everyone. There was certainly a buzz of people enjoying themselves, having a chat with friends and trying their hand at silly games. I would like to thank everyone who contributed … Read More

Magazine May 2016

Spring Fair 2016

Parish Magazine ~ May 2016 Dear Friends, 2015 was in many senses a sad year for our parish family. We all know that, so I’ll start with it. Early in the year we buried Stan Mabey’s ashes, and then in April we had the first of several funerals of those from among our midst: Ian le Geyt. Then, soon after … Read More