Fake or Good News of Resurrection?

Easter 2 2018:Fake or Good News of Resurrection?Imagine the headlines:Exclusive! The man’s for turning: U-Turn from Doubting Didymus.Reuters: News just in from Jerusalem.The rebel religious fanatic Jesus bar Joseph, has, according to some of his followers, risen from the dead. Despite being crucified, some of his followers say they have seen him alive and kicking. Others doubt this. As reported … Read More

Doubt and Disbelief in a Time of Fear

St Thomas’ Day 2016 ~ Doubt and Disbelief in a Time of FearIt has been a week of disbelief hasn’t it? Not so much doubt, but disbelief. St Thomas, is certainly an apt saint to celebrate today – associated as he is with doubt and disbelief. So it is that as a nation we have watched in disbelief as all … Read More