Stewardship Letter 2020

Stewardship letter 2020 Dear friends, Two years have gone by and it is time to write to you again about Stewardship. It is, of course, the continued commitment of time, talents and money that you all give so freely and generously that allows us to survive and I thank you all for that. We live, as the Chinese curse has … Read More

Magazine September 2016

Fauré Requiem Come and Sing

Parish Magazine ~ September 2016 30, The Ridgeway, Nowadays, when people choose to have their children baptised, they might be making a decision that other people do not understand or respect. And they say that someone like me is a relic of the past, promoting something unbelievable and offering an event that is completely irrelevant in modern society. We live … Read More

Magazine May 2016

Spring Fair 2016

Parish Magazine ~ May 2016 Dear Friends, 2015 was in many senses a sad year for our parish family. We all know that, so I’ll start with it. Early in the year we buried Stan Mabey’s ashes, and then in April we had the first of several funerals of those from among our midst: Ian le Geyt. Then, soon after … Read More