Easter 2: Peace be with you

When suddenly he was there in the midst of them; “Peace be with you,” he said. Amen. John 20:19-31 Peace be with you, a phrase we use very often in church, both in the liturgy and as a general greeting, just as Jesus used it in the upper room. During the pandemic we have needed the Peace of Christ in … Read More

Patronal Festival 2020: Mary Magdalene’s encounter with the risen Lord

Mary Magdalene’s encounter with the risen Lord John 19:41-20:18 May I speak in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. + Today, is the one Sunday in the year, when we celebrate the life of St Mary Magdalene; Our church’s Patronal Sunday. We’re not able to celebrate with a social gathering this … Read More

Easter 3 ~ Then their eyes were opened

Gebhard Fugel Jesus und der Gang nach Emmaus Easter 3 ~ Then their eyes were opened Luke 24:31 Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized Jesus; and he vanished from their sight. Words from the Gospel according to Luke. (Luke 24: 31) I wonder how you are feeling today? Worried for sure, concerned for your loved ones and for … Read More

Easter 2 ~ At Home at Easter

At Home at Easter John 20:18-31 It’s still Easter! Christ is risen: Alleluia! We are Easter People, and ‘Alleluia’ is our song: yet we live in surreal and unique times. The Church year is marked out not only by Holy Days and special readings and prayers, but also by particular hymns and songs. This means that as we approach Easter … Read More

Easter Sunday 2018

The Garden Tomb Easter 2018Alleluia – Christ is risen – he is risen indeed – Alleluia! It’s not every year that the first Sunday of April is not only Easter Day but April 1st, All Fools’ Day! In fact that hasn’t happened since 1327. (Only joking: it’s 1956 actually.) Although 1327 was the year Elizabeth de Burgh died: She was … Read More