The Transfiguration of our Lord.

The Transfiguration of our Lord. Mark 9: 2-9
It was in 1922, when George Leigh (Maloree) Mallory answered the question “why do you want to climb Everest?” he first coined that famous quote, “Because it’s there.” He went on to say it’s very existance was a challenge, and in 1924 the same mountain cost him his life. In the 1980s Sir Edmund Hillary, tongue in cheek, said that “it’s also very important to get down”.

Transfiguration and Time Warps

Transfiguration and Time Warps – 1 before Lent One of last Christmas’ bestsellers was the posthumously published book of Professor Stephen Hawking’s final thoughts on various matters. Stephen Hawking was undoubtedly one of the greatest – and most famous – and most distinctive – of scientists of our age, and his books sell very well. How many people get through … Read More

Take up your cross

Lent 2 ~ Take up your crossI spent some of this past week in Yorkshire – God’s own county – in fact in Leeds. I’ve never been to Leeds before, so that was a nice little adventure, although I was in conclave preparing a new edition of the New English Hymnal. Part of the fun for me, is the train … Read More